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The 1 year subscription for went out Yesterday. The same day, some advertisement company stod in queue for the domain. With out my knowledge. So, when I tried to pay for the site, someone else had catched it before me and now wants to sell it for a large amount of money, which I can't pay.  I've manage to save everything on the blog but I had to change the name. 

The new name I've picked is similar to the one you're used to. This one is actually the first name I was going to chose. Anyway, the new domain will be  Spread the words to all your friends, since Addicted2Hard has nothing to do with the blog!  Hope you can understand my situation and still are ready to follow the hardest website!  

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E-Force - Who The Hell Are You

E-Force shows us once again his tallent.
Just beautiful!
Will be released @ A² Records

Headhunterz @ Qlimax 2011

There was no Headhunterz in the linup of the 2010 Qlimax edition.
No Headhunterz @ Hardbass 2011.
I didn't expect Headhunterz to get back on track, and I didn't have any expectations on his set.
He was back playing @ Qlimax for the 5th time.
Anyways it was a pretty nice set that contained lots of new stuff.

Headhunterz - Eternalize (Hard Bass 2012 Anthem):

Headhunterz - TBA (Headshot):

The Vision feat. Omegatypez - Calling:

Headhunterz - Psychedelic (Qlimax 2011 Edit)

Headhunterz - The Power Of The Mind (2011 Remix)
Coone @ Qlimax 2011

Since Coone released over 15 tracks this year plus 6 other tracks with Fenix (Ambassador Inc).
I was really excited for this set.
But there was only one new singel track, one edit and one new remix.
I must say I was a little bit disappointed.
The edit, The Big Bad Wolf Edit (Duck Sauce) of Monstah was really nice.
The remix was Dom, Lomp & Famous by the Dutch hip-hop duo The Opposites.

The Opposites - Dom, Lomp & Famous (Coone Remix) available for free download!

Qlimax Livesets
Enjoy all the Qlimax livesets at Soundcloud.

Qlimax 2011 - Anthemshow (Zatox)
Just fuckin' crazy! I'm gettin' shiverz...
The scene looked really sick this year from judging of the video.

Tracks from Qlimax '11
Some mindblowing tracks from this years Qlimax! 
I really wanted to go this year but I know my friend Max will give us a great review of the party!
For those of you who were there I hope you had a great time. 

Waiting for the DVD now!

Back from Qlimax 2011

I'm Finally back from Qlimax. There is atm problems with the communication in Sweden, because of an ongoing storm.
I will post lots of new tracks that was played at Qlimax this week.

Technoboy - Re-Invent Yourself

Sounds like Technoboy made a Re-invention.
I really like it, nice work Cristiano.

Will be released @ Titanic Records.

Kodex vs. Amazed - Chasing Stars

New stuff from Kodex, this time it's collab with the italian producer Amazed.
The last track on the TNT album was The Second Match (Amazed Remix).

We have to wait and see it this track will be released at Blq Records or at Dutch Master Works.


TONIGHT @ 18:30-20:00 (CET)

Psyko Punkz - Feel The Rhythm (Alpha² Remix)

Here is the thanks for the Alpha² - Unleashed (Psyko Punkz Remix) released @ A² Records.
It's massive remix by Alpha².
Will be released in December 2011 @ Dirty Workz.

Zanzalabs: New Hardstyle label directed by Tatanka

Tatanka is back once again.

Buy @ Junodownload
Buy @

Wild Motherfuckers - Wildest (Available soon)

Tatanka Project - Floor Massacre MMXII (Tat & Blitz Mix)

Tat & Zat - Reaction

Zatox - Winter [UPDATED]
New stuff from Zatox, was played @ X-Qlusive - Italy.
Sounds like also Zatox is a fan of Eurodance.

Added Official HD Preview

Mass-Drive | Hard vs. House

"We start the new year with one of the biggest events in western Sweden of this type.
Experience the real arena feeling, with a totally sick scene, crazy amount of lights and a heavy sound system.

Well-known DJs, DJs you've never heard and DJs you will never forget!"

Where: Sweden, KungsbackaAranäshallen 
When: 5th of January  
Genre: Electro | House | Hardsyle | Raw Hardstyle |
Tickets: 80:- Preorder
Time: 21:00 - 02:00
Age: 14+


For more information and tickets, check out the Facebook page.
The Prophet - My Style [UPDATED]

The video of Brennan Heart & Wildstylez - Lose My Mind has been watched over 1.1 million times. I guess The Prophet also want to pass the million mark by this video.
Anyways it's a nice and raw track.
Will be released @ Scantraxx

[Update] Video removed for unknown reason. Mirror added.

[Update - 2] Prophet @ Facebook:
got a lot of questions why i deleted the video of "My Style"'s simple: it just didn't feel right..2morrow there's another video online

[Update - 3] New video uploaded, this one really sucks if you comprare to the boobie-one!

Ran-D - Better On The Other Side

"Yow guys, here is the link to 'Better On The Other Side'. 

Please mind it's an older track. I didn't change anything and couldn't remaster, because the old project was broken. I hope you still enjoy the track, have fun playing it.

Sorry for taking so long, but I was locked up in my studio working my ass of and didn't check my media for a few days."
- Ran-D on Facebook.

Free & legal download link: Click here!

Shockerz - Rise Like the Sun [UPDATED]

Great track by Shockerz! Sounds a lot like Frontliner.
Frontliner was also the first one to play Shockerz track My Music at a major event.
Shockerz is atm signed to X-Bone, 2 artist of X-Bone (Arkaine and The Anarchist) have been signed to Scantraxx. Is Shockerz the next one?

I guess Maxiboy was right!
Shockerz has now officially got signed on Scantraxx Records.
Congratulations Shockerz!

Profite - Split Second
New blood on Fusion!
Profite is the youngest artist ever to get signed by Fusion.
He is turning 18 next Tuesday (2011-11-23).
Anyways a nice track by Profite, the release date is 28th of November.

Q-Dance @ Mysteryland Chile Trailer

Q-Dance will be hosting a stage @ Mysteryland Chile.
The date for Mysteryland is 16-18 December 2011.
The Q-Dance lineup will include Activator, Wildstylez, Headhunterz, Brennan Heart, Coone and MC Villain. A Local Talent will also be announced.
Really nice to see that Hardstyle is expanding world wide!

More info here

Abyss & Judge - Maniacs

Abyss & Judge is ready for next release!
Will be released at Dutch Master Works.

Coone - Beat On My Drum [UPDATED]

Another kick-ass track by Coone. Listen and Enjoy.

Official videoclip added!

Upcoming tracks from Phuture Noize

Time for Phuture Noize second release at Hardcopy.
This release will include 4 tracks.

Phuture Noize - Sensus:

Phuture Noize - Easy Killer:

Phuture Noize - Sleep (Phrantic Remix):
Gunz For Hire - The Cycle
Time for next Gunz For Hire track, nice and raw!
Can't wait to see Gunz For Hire @ Qlimax.
Will be relesed @ A² Records.

Defqon.1 Festival Australia 2011 - Movie
Another cool documentary!
The next edition of Defqon.1 Festival Australia will take place on September 15th 2012.

Hard Dance Event: Interview with Showtek
Wouter & Sjoerd Janssen aka Showtek tells interesting stuff, check it out!

The Prophet & DJ Duro - Shizzle (2011 Remuxx)

Why destroy this classic track? The original was made in 2004 by The Prophet and DJ Duro.
DJ Duro is Sjoerd Janssen from Showtek.
Will be released @ Scantraxx.

Hard Bass 2012 + Headhunterz - Eternalize
The official trailer for Hard Bass 2012. 
On Saturday Februari 11th at GelreDome, Arnhem (NL)  

Soundtrack: "Headhunterz - Eternalize (Hard Bass 2012 Anthem)"  
For more info check

Masterflow - Power To The People 

A new talent on Avio Records - Masterflow, also known as Hyperdrive.

The track is okay, nothing really special about it.

It has potential but I miss that special rawness aka "avio feeling" in it. 
Maybe it'll grow on him? Let's give him a chance!

Code Black - Red Planet
Wow! Massive track by Code Black!
Release date is 14th November 2011 @ Fusion Records.

Thrillogy 2011 - Aftermovie

Alphaverb - On The Floor

"A hardstyle remake of the legendary "Sash! - Ecuador" made by Alphaverb!

You know what to expect; crazy ass track with a massive kick!"
But Alphaverb... you're not running out of ideas, are you?

Free and legal download: Press here!

Upcoming track from D-Block & S-Te-Fan

"Putting the last pieces together. A brand new D-block & S-te-Fan track!"
- DBSTF on Facebook.

S-Dee - The Definition

Equipment and Bamboozled was just released.
Here is a free track from Simon Dilosa aka S-Dee.
This track was made before his first release on M!D!FY.

Audiogenetic - Lights Out 

Great hardtrance influenced track!
I really like the kick they've used in this track, uplifting and full of energy!

Jack of Sound - Kaylee's Nightmare

Scarry track by Jack of Sound! The Release date is 7th of November.
Will be released @ Fusion Records.